tegenungan waterfall bali

Tegenungan Waterfall  


Cool in the middle of natural nature with the stunning waterfall is like you are in the heaven!

What else are you looking for when you have all this scenery in one place?

This waterfall is located in Banjar Tegenungan, Kemenuh Village, Gianyar-Bali. Not too high, but the view presented by the waterfall can attract the attention of tourists. If you depart from the city of Denpasar, it is about 16 kilometers or 45 minutes away. Tegenungan waterfall is a very beautiful waterfall with a natural green scenery around it. Tegenungan waterfall has a height of 20 meters with a width of 7 meters and flows very swiftly. This makes the pool underneath very deep so it is suitable for swimming.

Around the location of the waterfall, the view with the verdant trees is the main attraction in addition to splashing waterfalls that pierced down. The path in the form of stairs is well maintained. You have to go down about 150 steps to go along the cliff to reach the river's edge. In addition to the main waterfall, bathing places are also nearby. The water comes from natural springs and is very clear. Because of its clarity, the water here is also used for cooking as a daily necessity for the local community. Many residents bathe and fetch water in the morning or even in the evening.

Tegenungan Waterfall has cool, clean water, so it is suitable for swimming and bathing. Don't forget to take pictures to capture the beauty of the waterfall background. You can also go up to the top of the hill, the waterfall passes the cliff on the left. The road to the top is not difficult because the local side has made several steps that have been arranged. For those of you who have enough guts, can do the attraction of jumping from a waterfall with a height of 16 meters.

The pond that is right under the waterfall has a depth of up to 8 meters so it is safe for you who want to jump off the cliff. But it is not recommended because there are no guards at this location. So it is better to maintain personal safety and don’t do harmful things. Once satisfied to enjoy the beauty of the Tegenungan waterfall, you can enjoy some Balinese specialties provided by local restaurants. Just give it a try and you will be addicted!

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