katulampa waterfall

Katulampa Waterfall

Maybe you've heard about a waterfall with a rocky background. If so, well this is the famous Katulampa Waterfall! This waterfall is very unique with its charm which brings comfort and makes your mind fresh again with a cool natural atmosphere surrounded by bushes and green tropical forests.

Katulampa Waterfall Bali is located in Banjar Kelod Kangin, Beng Village, Gianyar - Bali. This waterfall can be reached within 30 kilometers away from Denpasar, or is about 1 kilometer north of the Gianyar City.

Katulampa Waterfall is one of the good natural attractions in Bali that offers beautiful and nice places for relaxation and refreshing. Katulampa Waterfall is not that high, the height is only about 15 meters. But Katulampa Waterfall Bali offers a beautiful natural charm that gives comfort to anyone who is in this Waterfall, not only the exoticness that makes our minds fresh with a cool atmosphere.

Katulampa Waterfall has characteristics with a unique appearance but still shows the exotic nature that is no less beautiful. With unique and different characteristics from other waterfalls in Bali, Katulampa Waterfall Bali also has sloping cliffs in the form of rocks which coincide with each other, the arrangement of high stones is quite artistic and attractive, looks random and irregular also some rocks look flat.

Random rocks also allow you to walk in the middle and sit relaxed both under and in the middle of the rocky cliffs which are flowed by the waterfall. Right here are the favorite activities of visitors to playing water or just get wet while enjoying the treats of the green nature with a quiet atmosphere. The water flow of the Katulampa Waterfall Bali as it descends from above will hit the cliff rocks so that the flow becomes slow. The unique flow of this waterfall gives a beautiful view of splashing water when it hits random steps from a cliff.

One of the favorite locations for taking the picture is in the middle of the cliff, where you can capture your moment with various poses. One of the popular poses or styles is to take pictures in the cross-legged style on a rock like a hermit that guarantees your photos to be extraordinary. The fresh and clear water of the Katulampa Waterfall is ready to welcome you!

The characteristic of this waterfall is by Before you plan to come to the Katulampa Waterfall we recommend you to come at 8 PM. This waterfall is open for the public every day from 8 PM to 5 PM.

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