Balinese House Compound Batuan

Balinese House Compound Batuan

One of the tourist villages in Bali that treat and preserves original Balinese House Compound are in the Batuan Village, Sukawati Gianyar. Batuan Village is very famous especially among European tourists, because of Batuan village's craft of painting. The uniqueness of Balinese culture in Batuan Village is significantly reflected in the existence of the traditional houses that still well maintained.

Balinese House Compound of Gung Aji is one of the traditional houses that often become a stopover for tourists. The atmosphere is still original in this house.

The location of Batuan village is about 19 kilometers from Sanur Beach Bali, with an estimated travel time of around 45 minutes driving by vehicle. Or approximately 25 minutes driving away from Monkey Forest Ubud.

The hallmark of an authentic Balinese house is the gate of a small house that can be passed by one person. The door of the house is made of stone or clay and thatch is used as the roof of the house. If you enter the area of this Balinese House Compound Batuan, you will feel a unique and beautiful atmosphere. The walls of the house are still covered with soil and still clinging tightly. The floors of the house are also still tightly arranged and neat.

Entering the area of the house, you will be greeted by an angkul-angkul (the gate), then inside the house area, there is a bale daje (northern part of the building) which is still very antique and ancient. Building materials come from non-burnt clay molds, cement floors, and thatch as the roofs or local call it alang-alang. Entering the kitchen of the house, you will find an old stove (fire stove) that is still actively used by the resident.

This ancient house is an example of old Balinese houses. Now, it is very difficult to find a traditional house like in Batuan village. But, maybe if you visit Penglipuran in the Bangli area or Tenganan Village, you can see an unspoiled village which has the same architecture of Balinese traditional house.

On the island of the gods, the original Balinese home is very often used as a place to photograph the bride and groom to take pre-wedding photos. The bridal couple will use traditional Balinese clothes to match the background of the house. Some Balinese clothes are used in the photo session that seems luxurious or simple. If you are on vacation on Bali island and interest in seeing the original house of Bali, then we recommend you to visit the Gung Aji House in Batuan for the authentic experience.

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