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Om Swastiastu
Greeting from Bali, The Paradise Island

Welcome to the Tour Guide Bali website, We are one of the providers of tourism and activity services in Bali. Tour Guide Bali was founded in 2010 and until now has served many tourists visiting Bali.

As one of the best tourist attractions in the world, of course making Bali the most popular place that tourists from all over the world want to visit. Therefore, we founded Tour Guide Bali to be able to provide the best service to tourists who are or want to vacation in Bali.

Tour Guide Bali is owned by a Balinese native named Agung Raka or fondly called Rocky by tourism. As native sons of Bali, of course we understand how Bali is and know exactly the history, culture, the best tourist attractions, and travel routes from every place you want to go. With all this knowledge, we are sure that we can create a pleasant holiday for you.

Tour Guide Bali has the motto "Provide the best service, comfortable, time efficient, and competitive prices". Our motto represents what you need during your vacation in Bali. With this, we will always remember that our goals are part of your wishes. To realize your hopes and our ideals, Bali Tour Guide has a certified team that will guide you with professionals.

Don't hesitate to use the services of the Bali Tour Guide and make sure your holiday in Bali is enjoyable.

Best regards,
Agung Raka
Tour Guide Bali